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Maine Turnpyke Authority

The Maine Turnpike Authority is a quasi-state agency created by the Maine Legislature in 1941.

The highway opened on a cold day on December 13, 1947. The Maine Turnpike was the first "superhighway" in New England and the first such highway in the United States built without state or federal tax dollars.

719 different mathematical models generated by the Machine Learning engine.

2.260.000 compromising indicators used coming from OSINT sources and aramis Malware Lab.

Benefit delivery timeline and milestones


evidence of malware and/or misconfigurations already present on Maine Turnpike Authority’s infrastructure.

In a few weeks:

constant near-real-time monitoring of anomalies and dangerous events occurring.

Full operating
platform and services:

machine learning algorithms and advanced cyber analytics provide the accurate detection of attacks and a dramatic reduction of false positives.

Excellent report, thanks for passing it on! I was actually looking at this yesterday when looking at another issue. I saw that it wasn’t resolving the recipient address properly, but didn’t take it the next step to try variations on the incorrect domain. Fantastic service!

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Case Study

Case Study