Aramis by Aizoon

by aizoOn


Leroy Merlin Italy

Leroy Merlin is the leader in Italy and Europe in the retail sales of homeware and domestic goods for the house with a complete offer of products and services.

On the basis of the Group's overall strategy in the ICT Security field, Leroy Merlin Italia has decided to adopt aramis®: a Network Security Monitoring product.

For this reason, after a period of active demonstration (a Proof-of-Value) of aramis® platform and the related services provided by the I_SOC, Leroy Merlin has agreed on the provision of a solution consisting of:

• Active 8hrX5d monitoring, with a dedicated security analyst, of the Leroy Merlin Italia HQ, delivered by the I_SOC through aramis® in a fully harmonized configuration;

• Use of “light” ADS ( aramis® Distributed Sensor) probes in the form of Virtual Appliances, installed at the Main Warehouse and Leroy Merlin Italia Points of Sale, which can be activated with a “spot” approach in order to detect and “clean” anomalies and malwares;

• Collection of statistical and network health information on the Leroy Merlin WAN for purposes of management and optimization;

2.885 different mathematical models generated by the Machine Learning engine.

2.260.000 compromising indicators used coming from OSINT sources and aramis Malware Lab.

Benefit delivery timeline and milestones


evidence of malware and/or misconfigurations already present on LM’s infrastructure.

In a few weeks:

constant near-real-time monitoring of anomalies and dangerous events occurring.

Full operating
platform and services:

machine learning algorithms and advanced cyber analytics provide the accurate detection of attacks and a dramatic reduction of false positives.

Aramis gave us great visibility over the network state and multiple hidden threats and mis-configurations. That allowed us to proactively enhance our security level and provide transparent protection to the users.

Operations Security Manager
Leroy Merlin Italy


Case Study

Case Study